In many ways stopping smoking is a priceless gift to yourself.  

Giving up smoking will add years to your life.  Nothing is as precious as that.

Standard Package

Most people give up smoking using this standard package.  One session is all that is required.  You will arrive a smoker and leave my premises as a non-smoker.  The session itself will last around 2 to 2.5 hours.  

We will discuss your smoking habits consciously and then subconsciously, through the power of hypnosis, make the changes that are needed for you to become a non-smoker.


Premium Package

This package is for those who need a little bit more.  Maybe you’ve tried several times to quit and have lost your confidence.

This package entitles you to the standard session plus extra work through BWRT and other techniques.  We can adapt the therapy to take into account any specific needs and I will continue to work with you to help you achieve success.


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