Some Facts about Smoking

Why Smoke?

I feel like I am a detective, trying to understand and uncover the reasons why an otherwise normal, sensible and rational person, would try to kill themselves through smoking.  The 4,000 chemicals that are contained in cigarettes would be enough, you would think, to deter somebody from the habit – but knowing that around 250 of those chemicals are harmful, and that over 50 can cause cancer, surely that would put EVERYONE off smoking?  Not so…  because more than 7 million people a year still die from smoking.  Let’s put that in perspective, because it’s a big number and pretty hard to imagine.  One million is equal to a thousand thousand.  So seven million is seven thousand thousand.  Wow!  That’s a lot of people going up in a puff of smoke!

Now, there have been all sorts of wars and catastrophes that have plagued the earth and mankind.  We have dealt with a great many world issues.  So if we put these into context with smoking, we will see clearly that smoking overall is deadlier than everything else put together.  And, unlike most world events, smoking just goes on and on, which is why it has killed more people than everything else put together.

World Event

World War 1 – lasting 4 years and 3 month  – 37 million deaths

World War 2 – lasting around 6 years – 55 million deaths

Vietnam War – 20 years 2 million deaths

The Plague – 3 years – 25 million deaths

The Slave Trade – 300 years – 5 million deaths

Smoking timeline

 4 years 3 months of smoking – 29.75 million

6 years of smoking – 42 million

20 years of smoking – 140 million deaths

3 years of smoking – 21 million deaths

300 years of smoking – 2,800,000,000 (2 billion 800 million) deaths


And, one of the most frightening aspects about smoking is that although half the people who smoke will die from a smoking related illness, most of those who don’t die will have the quality of their lives significantly reduced, and may have to live with some terrible disease caused by smoking.  I can help you to stop smoking so give me a call today.  Your future starts now.


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