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No Smoking Day

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March 13th 2019 was No Smoking Day.  It might, in fact, seem only a short while ago since the New Year, and already the pressure is mounting for people around the country to stop smoking once again.


If you were thinking about quitting smoking at New Year but didn’t, then each extra day that you smoke is piling on more damage.

20 cigarettes a day = 1440 cigarettes smoked between New Year and March 31st


This pressure is never going to go away.  Eventually the government might see fit to ban smoking altogether but until then, the powers that be rely on the good judgement of smokers to make the right choices for themselves.

As an ex-smoker myself, I know what it feels like to “enjoy” a cigarette.  But even as I inhaled deeply, there was part of my mind that was all too aware of the damage I was causing to myself.  A part of me that, eventually, would not be silenced.  


It might be that, as a smoker, you feel fed-up with people trying to interfere with your smoking habit.  Maybe you want to be able to smoke in peace, without the backlash.  I’m sure heroin addicts and crack-cocaine addicts feel the same way.  

When people indulge in activities that are destructive, then there will always be opposition.


Only 14.9% of people in England now smoke.  That figure is decreasing all the time as more and more people take control of their own health.

Aside from the health impact of smoking, there is also the cost.  If you sat down and worked out how much you spent on your cigarette habit, you may well find that you could retire years earlier by investing the money instead.  What’s more, you will still be healthy enough to enjoy your retirement.


Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is the most successful method

There’s no need to keep smoking because it’s easier than ever before to quit smoking with hypnotherapy. It can drastically reduce or eliminate cravings entirely.  It’s natural and quick, so you don’t still have to administer poisons to yourself whilst you’re trying to stop.

And even if hypnotherapy isn’t your first choice, there are still a whole range of products you can choose from to help you take those first steps as a non-smoker.

If you would like some further advice about how to quit smoking, please get in touch and I will be happy to assist you.

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